What is sound healing?

July 20, 2019
Sound Healing

Sound healing - What is it?

Sound is vibration which is able to reach down to the cellular level of your body delivering healing and clearing.

In my sessions, I tune into your energy and channel the unique voice attuned to the frequency of your body. It acts as a key, allowing the vibration deep into the cells to facilitate healing: Clearing of unresolved pain, working through blocks, repetitive patterns, and anything else you may need at this moment.

Voice healing transmutes the stagnant energy, releases it and creates sacred space in your energy field to be filled with light.

I use my voice and reiki energy in all my sessions.

Release stress, blocks that are holding you back, and past trauma

The way we receive healing will always be personal and individual to everyone who receives the treatment.
You should always see your doctor for medical checkups and if you are facing any illness.

The world of sound is beyond magical and the only way to experience it is for yourself!

Curious to learn more? Contact me to book a session now!


I am Anetta and I am the main act on this website. Have fun exploring while learning about me :)

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