What is it like to have a singing lesson with me?

July 20, 2019
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What its like to have a singing lesson with me

Singing is personal. That is why when you see song competitions on TV, many singers start the competition being so nervous that they can hardly complete the song. It is terrifying, and I've felt like that many times myself. It is completely normal. You are showing something that people will judge you on. And people can be harsh. So what can you do? Practice, practice, and practice. Building confidence by practice is one thing, but overall mental fortitude is the ultimate goal. How do you and I get there? Let's dig into it.


I like to start off by getting to know you. It's like any other type of cooperative work. We got to build some trust. If you have ever been involved in any kind of drama work, you have already experienced getting silly with other actors as part of practicing.

To streamline our work, I also like to know what your goals with singing are. Are they for becoming a professional singer? To sing in a wedding for yours truly? Is it to qualify for a school? Or is it to "find" and work on your voice for healing reasons? Knowing your goals helps me to build you up from where you are to where you are going.

Also, I think it's essential that you check out my website here. What kind of songs do I sing? It's not precisely metal or punk. So I would ask you to kindly check out my stuff first :). HOWEVER, basic singing technique can be used in all genres. So if the basic technique is what you are looking for, then I can help you to build your foundations. Then you can move on from me to do your own thing.

A typical singing lessons

Your voice is an instrument, so it's important to start each lesson with a warm-up. I use technical warmups that will help you with your breathing, pitch, phrasing, and stamina.

We dig into the song
It's important that you know what you are singing about. Without understanding the story of the song, how can you connect to it? In my sessions we will focus on making the song your own, connecting to the story and analyze it. Learning how to sing and use your voice in a safe way is a magical tool not just for the purpose of singing songs but also to understand yourself better, connect to your emotions and to have a powerful instrument inside of you.

While we work on the song, I also focus on teaching the technical aspects of singing safely. This builds tons of confidence and range.

Are you wondering what a session with me would be like and if I am the correct teacher for you? Then claim your one-time 3 for 2 session package by contacting me here.

I am Anetta and I am the main act on this website. Have fun exploring while learning about me :)

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