Traveling to Norway - June-August 2019

July 20, 2019

Summer trip to Norway

I love traveling to Norway during the summer. My friend Cat said it the best: "Being outside in Norway is like sitting in the sun with aircon on". How about that? What a great description!

My goal in Norway this summer is to visit as many family members and friends as possible. And to spend some quality time with my daughter and husband. On the agenda:

  • Travel to Stavern
  • Travel to Risoer
  • Travel to "Kristiansand Dyrepark"
  • Travel to Ski, Sarpsborg, Fredrikstad and Hvaler

Professionally, I'm holding a concert in Askim (Norway) that we have named "Stemmen fra det indre" on the 2nd of August. You can check out the event here.


I am Anetta and I am the main act on this website. Have fun exploring while learning about me :)

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